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Please Read This Message Well

To Provide You With The Service, You Need To Follow The Next Steps :

As a first step ,

you need to fill the form on our website.

The more information

you provide about your business, the more it helps you in the process.

After Submitting the Form

it takes us 2 business days to review the documents you sent.

if there’s any problem

when review the documents we will contact you to fill some new documents.


Business days

-Our working hours are from Monday to Friday
-We take from 2 to 7 business days to create your account

1-Some countries can be maximized up to 10 days

2- Holidays/ Vacations can maximize the operation of sending your stripe account

3- You can order an urgent request (special request) where we provide you the stripe account in less than 12 hours , but it requires extra fees , and you contact us directly through E-mail

Every aspect of the process is delivered by E-mail only

Some Common Questions

Personal is easily created without any complications, and you don’t need to have a specific business to create your account, And this is one of the unique features of SFNUC. 

So, we can provide you an account with your personal information, not your business information, and this method decreases the risk rate and it also helps your business account to avoid restrictions although you should take into consideration that stripe bans are unpredictable, but we’ll put our best efforts to prevent this from happening. 

LTD is known to be in the UK, and LLC is known in the US, countries supported by STRIPE are required to create LTD and LLC in order to have a stripe account, but SFNUC manages to make this method smoother without any concerns. we create your account without LTD or LLC companies, so you don’t have to worry about providing all of this information.

If by any trouble you were banned from stripe, we are responsible to provide you with another stripe account for free, We’ll review and examine your business, and give you the right tips so you wouldn’t be restricted again by stripe 

Yes, it’s totally okay to create a new stripe account with the same name, we provide that for you 

Unfortunately no, if the domain is banned it’s difficult to create another account with the same domain name because your website will be banned as well, and your business won’t be supported by stripe so, whenever we re-create the same domain name it’ll be banned too, So we move to a solution where we change the domain name or modify the sub-domain eg;( .com, .net, .shop, .co ) 

Unfortunately no, In order to receive the service you should make a full payment and stick to our policies 

Unfortunately no, you should stick to our payment policy which is paying the full amount and providing SFNUC with your payment method (read instructions to know more) And you don’t have to worry about taxes as SFNUC don’t afford their clients any taxes

Yes, you can definitely link your account with any bank from stripe supported countries, you don’t have to worry about this process So you can link to transferwise without complicated guidelines

You can check the tutorial link below, It eases the process of creating Payoneer and receiving a free credit prepaid card